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Three fics in a day. This must be a record. Okay, so I haven't actually written three fics today, I just finally got round to going through my unfinished stuff and found three that only needed a little proof reading. Now I can get started on the ones that are half written.

Title: Forgotten Mother
Characters: Mack, Andrew Hartford
Rating: G
Summary: As he confronts his fake past, Mack realizes there's something he's forgotten.

Forgotten Mother
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This is also set during the PROO episode 'Once a Ranger', but it's mainly SPD with a tiny little bit of MMPR.

Title: The Danger of 'If'
Characters: Bridge, Adam
Rating: G
Summary: Stuck in the past, Bridge contemplates the 'What if's.

The Danger of 'If' )
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Technically, since this is set during the episode 'Once a Ranger' and has all the characters it should be a PROO\SPD\MF\NS\DT\MMPR, but that seemed a bit long.

PS: If you have not seen 'Things Not Said', this won't make much sense.

PPS: I've linked to because I'm too lazy copy and paste into my journal.

Title: Within the Colours
Characters: Mack, Bridge, Andrew Hartford
Rating: G
Summary: It's hard to keep secrets with a psychic in the house.

Within the Colours
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WARNING: Sad and depressing fic ahead.

Title: System Crash
Characters: Mack, Mr. Hartford
Rating: PG
Summary: The creation of life by mechanical means is nothing short of a miracle, but what if Andrew Hartford hadn't been quite as successful as he'd first thought.

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Just a random short PROO ficlet that appeared in my head. Had the potential to be part of something bigger, but I think it goes very well just as it its.


Title: Blood and Oil
Characters: Mack with a little Rose and Tyzonn
Rating: PG-13
Summary: An accident gives Mack an odd moment of contemplation.

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