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A complete list of pretty much all the fanfiction I've ever written divided by fandom.

Master Fic List
(last updated 11/08/2016)

Legends of Tomorrow )
Warehouse 13 )
Flashpoint )
The Listener )
Avengers )
Supernatural )
BBC's Robin Hood )
Doctor Who )
Narnia )
Power Rangers )
Lord of the Rings )
The Hobbit )
Transformers )

Note: Some of the links for the older stuff go to (and two go to A Teaspoon and an Open Mind), because I don't have everything posted on my journal.
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This takes place in some random universe where the Pevensies stayed in Narnia after the events in Prince Caspian.

Let the Children Play
Characters: Caspian, Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Susan
Rating: G
Summary: Caspian and the Pevensies may be kings and queens of Narnia, but first and foremost, they are just kids.

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Oops, forgot to post this here. This is what I've been working on relentlessly for the past few weeks. I'm not sure if anyone on my friends list has even seen the Prince Caspian movie, but here's my first fic based on it if anyone is interested. Linking to because I'm lazy.

Title: Becoming
Characters: Caspian and all four Pevensies
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After the final battle, Caspian finds everything is not as safe and settled as he'd hoped. Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy do their best to teach Caspian how to be a good king and keep him alive at the same time.

Becoming: Pro - Ch. 4
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