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This is also set during the PROO episode 'Once a Ranger', but it's mainly SPD with a tiny little bit of MMPR.

Title: The Danger of 'If'
Characters: Bridge, Adam
Rating: G
Summary: Stuck in the past, Bridge contemplates the 'What if's.

The Danger of ‘If’
by Daylight

July 21, 2007. 

The date jumped out of the page as if it had been the newspaper’s headline and Bridge found himself frozen staring at it. Of course, he knew he had traveled back in time. He had even known enough about Power Ranger history to make a good guess at the year, but suddenly seeing the exact date made it real.

            Somewhere out there, the beginnings of SPD were slowly being made. The workings had been going on for a couple of years already with his parents intimately involved. The first of the aliens were slowly making there way towards Earth to create new homes here. And somewhere in the universe, Grumm was busy destroying planets still. The planet Sirius next on his list. 

            But it hadn’t happened yet….

            The original B squad members, Syd, Sky, Jack, Z and himself, were happy little babies. Bridge glanced at his gloved hands. They didn’t know about the powers that would plague their lives. Sky’s father was still alive and his mother hadn’t reject her son because of his wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps. Z’s parents were still together not having fought over what to do with their daughter’s powers. Syd’s parents hadn’t dragged her from doctor to doctor trying to cure the flaw they saw in their otherwise perfect daughter. Jack’s parents were still alive and he wasn’t facing rejection after rejection from foster homes as they found out he was a freak. And Bridge… His parents weren’t contemplating mental hospitals for what they thought of as their psychotic son. 

            It hadn’t happened yet. He could stop it, stop it all. But what then? Maybe they’d never become Power Rangers, never stop Grumm and Earth would be destroyed, followed by every other planet in Grumm’s path. Don’t screw with the timelines, they’d told him at the academy, time travel being one of the perils of being a power ranger. But though that sounded logical in theory, actually being here, knowing what he knew. If he just dropped a few hints here and there, if he could just make one little thing better, if he could control the flow of energies so everything turned out better, turned out how he wanted…


            The former green ranger glanced up to see Adam frowning at him. 


            “Yeah,” exclaimed Bridge carefully folding the newspaper back up and tossing it away. “You know, just contemplating the futility of existence, what sort of bread makes the best buttery toast, and whether the well being of the universe is really worth the happiness of five lives.” 

            The older ranger cocked his head pulling out the important statement from all that rambling. “We all have to make sacrifices as rangers.”

            Sacrifices. There was a difference between a few missed dates and being stuck with a childhood full of loneliness and rejection. Bridge wondered if Adam understood that.



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