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Hey, I finished all the fics I started this week. Now I can work on the ones I started last week. And I'm not copying [personal profile] kikos_ai, by doing a drabble trilogy. I came up with this idea two days ago. GMTA. :) Drabbles work very well in threes.

Title: A Child's Sadness
Characters: Andros, Hunter, Trent
Rating: G
Summary: A trilogy of drabbles about the losses faced by three different generations of rangers.

A Child’s Sadness

            Brothers are supposed to look after their little sisters.
            The sound of crying was coming through the walls again. He lay on his bed pretending he didn’t hear.

            They’d told him it wasn’t his fault, but big brothers are supposed to look after their little sisters, even he knew that.
            Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the telekinesis ball lying abandoned on the floor. Jumping off the bed, he grabbed the ball throwing it against the wall which it hit with a satisfying crack.
            Brothers are supposed to look after their little sisters, but where was his sister now?
            Andros slumped down against the wall, silent tears falling down his cheeks to add to his mother’s sobs.

            He couldn’t cry.
            He looked down at the small dark boy sobbing and trembling in his arms. That was the normal reaction. That’s what he was supposed to be doing, but he couldn’t.  

            Because any moment now, their parents would be back and calling for them…
            The idea that two kids could manage to lose two sets of parents before they even hit puberty was too ridiculous to believe. Sensei must have been lying, why else wouldn’t he tell them how or why. He had to be lying.

           Several moments passed, no one called and Hunter held tighter to his little brother.



            Bent over, the boy rested his weight on his elbows staring intently at his shoes as he waited for the doctor to come and give him news, but the doctor that arrived was the wrong one.

            “Where are they?” the boy demanded jumping to his feet. 

            The man opened his mouth to explain, but all that came out was a strangled “I’m sorry…”

            The boy rushed past him into the white hallways of the hospital, but didn’t go far before he stopped lost and dizzy in the crowds of doctors, nurses and patients. He turned to find the man had followed him. 

            “Why?” he asked.

            “I…”  Once more the man couldn’t find the words. 

            Throwing his arms around the man, the boy launched into heart wrenching sobs.

            Anton Mercer hesitated before stiffly putting his arms around Trent wondering if he’d ever be able to tell him the true reason why.

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Heh. When did I do a drabble trilogy? O.o Meh. This was really sad but I liked how it highlights a common theme of loss. Poor kids. Nice job.
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