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Pyjama Fic: Not you might suppose a fic about the characters hanging out in their pyjamas (although I do love those) but a fic written on a lazy day off without you ever actually changing out of your pyjamas.

I just started and finished a 3400 word fic in one day. This has never happened before. It is now four o'clock in the afternoon. I think I'll do some stretches, and then maybe I'll finally put some clothes on.
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I post so rarely I start to wonder if anyone on my friend's list even remembers who I am.

Anyway, the new Captain America movie is out and you'd think I'd be back to writing Avengers fics, finishing up all those unfinished ones that have been sitting on my computer for months, but I haven't even seen the movie yet. (That will hopefully happen this week) Instead, I am finally into something new. The first new fandom that has inspired me to write fanfic for years. And it is Legends of Tomorrow. It has a space ship, time travel, and a team of superheroes, so of course, I love it. It also has lots of lovely characters which is what really gets me hooked. And now I have fanfic ideas coming out my eyeballs, and of course, no time to write anything because as soon as I started to get back into writing, my job magically jumped from being part-time to full-time. That always seems to happen. I still managed to write a few short things which I've put on AO3 but not here yet so prepare to have your friend's list inundated with them as I finally update my journal.
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Neil Gaiman talking about the author Harlan Ellison

"He said he wanted to demythologize the process of writing. He wanted to show people it was a craft like building a chair and mostly it was done by sitting there and staring at a blank piece of paper and hating everything."
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1) I've been staying at my brother's place while cat sitting. The first night I woke up to find a cat on the bed. The second night I woke up to find two cats on the bed. The third night I woke up to find three cats on the bed. If I wake up on the fourth night and find four cats, I'll be very concerned since my brother and his girlfriend only actually have three cats.

2) There are biodegradable urns which can turn you into a tree after you die. I have no intention of dying anytime soon, but that's what I want when I do.

3) I've gone through all the prompts for [community profile] gen_battle and made a list of all the ones I'd like to write. I have 18. This may take some time.

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If you haven't heard yet, the author Neil Gaiman is doing this project called a Calender of Tales in which he posed 12 questions on twitter and then wrote 12 stories based on the answers he got. Now he's posted the stories and is asking people to create art based on them which will then be made up into a calender. This process of asking for prompts and having other people create art based on your writing is very familiar, and it suddenly struck me that this world-renowned, best selling author is doing what we fanfiction writers have been doing for years.

"There's lots of artists in the world, but there's only one you, and the only person who has your point of view is you. If you decide not to make things, all you've done is deprived the world of all the stuff only you could have brought to it ... The best part of actually writing is that sudden magical moment where there is something coming out of your pen that wasn't even there a second ago. Everything you've be writing up until that point suddenly magically comes together, and you, you're flying." ~ Neil Gaiman

Damn it!

Feb. 16th, 2013 09:36 pm
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I've been in a 'I hate everything I write and have ever written' mood for the past week. Hopefully, it'll pass soon and I'll be able to write again.
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So my Yuletide fic is done and submitted this morning thank goodness. I was a bit worried there for a bit and spent way too much time stressing out about it. I was sick a good portion of last week so I wasn't able to do much and got behind on everything. Not sure if the fic is my best work and I'm a little nervous about the subject matter, but it was fun to write. The fic is also almost 4000 words long. What happened to the days when I only wrote short stuff? Now everything I write wants to be long. Looking at the other Yuletide prompts and I'd love to write some treats but doubt I'll have the energy to write anything in time.

Snow! We have snow. It snowed all yesterday while I was at work and then when I was coming home it was all melting so I walked home through lakes and rivers of melted snow in hiking boots which were completely filled with water before I was even a quarter of the way home.

Also, it's possible I'm being haunted by pig sock puppets. I had two random occurrences of pig sock puppets two days in a row and I'm waiting for a third to see if it's true.
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Why is it when I really want to write, when I have multiple plot bunnies jumping in my brain and inspiration dribbling out my ears, do I always end up ridiculously busy with other stuff? Oh, and now also sick. Blah.

Titles of things I'm trying to get written:

With These Bloodstained Hands
Dean's Dream (title likely to change)
The Adventures of Super Pokey
The Other Side of the Wall
Ashes and Hellfire
Of Men, Monsters, and Angels
Weathering the Storm
Sandcastles on Mars
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I think my writing process is getting weirder or maybe just messier and more picky.

I wrote 2500 words of a tag to Supernatural 7x17, got stuck, cut out a 1000 words, and started the whole story from a different point. Then I wrote another 1000 words of the story, got a bit stuck again, and started hating it. So I cut the story in two, cut out about 500 words, and added 750 words to one of the parts. Now, I have the drafts of two different tags to 7x17 (one of which I think is technically already an AU) Hopefully, I can polish these off and post them before I get in the mood to start cutting things up again.
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Silly person. You thought the latest episode of Supernatural would inspire you to finally finish off all those unfinished fanfic. But of course, new episodes just bring new plot bunnies.

Well, at least, I'm writing.


Nov. 30th, 2011 08:50 pm
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So there's only a couple hours left and despite the giant sprint forward of the past week, I'm obviously not going to get out the 15,000 more words I need to win, but I'm currently looking at it this way: 35,000 is much better than the 2,500 words I wrote last year which was much better than the year before that when I signed up but wrote nothing which was better than the year before that when I did nothing at all. At this rate hopefully, I'll win next year.

Congratulations to everyone who did win. You are awesome and amazing!!

Things I learned from doing NaNoWriMo )
The story I wrote is actually almost done. I still alternate between thinking its crap and thinking it's pretty good so I don't know if I'll get around to posting it or not. I'd still need to finish it off and then do some editing (I have a list of things that I need to go back and change). Unfortunately, my brain was taken over by another rabid plot bunny yesterday, so I just spent the past couple hours writing 1000 words of something completely different.


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:56 pm
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I am apparently motivated by cute kittenness.

Has anyone else tried Written Kitten? It rewards you with a new cat photo for every 100 words you write and I think it might have actually cured my writer's block. I didn't think I'd be able to write anything today and suddenly I have a 1000 words.
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I have over 10,000 words! I'm supposed to be at 15,000, but I don't care. My story suddenly has a horse in it and Balthazar called Uriel a pigheaded oxbutt.


Nov. 6th, 2011 07:51 pm
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So I'm about 3000 words behind schedule and can't seem to manage more than about 1000 words most days, but considering I'm normally such a slow writer, 7000 words in a week is better than anything I've managed before and much better than I expected to be doing so I'm happy.


Oct. 31st, 2011 08:12 pm
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After much debate, I've decided at the last minute that I will attempt NaNo again this year. I wasn't sure after what happened last year, but I had this idea a few weeks ago that I thought would be good for NaNo and I spent much of today at work thinking about it and before I knew it I had the second part of the plot and a possible title. It's unsurprisingly a Supernatural fanfic and I probably should have done some research ahead of time but it's a little late now.

So, I am HERE for anyone who wants to be buddies.
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Have you ever had a story start writing itself suddenly in your head when you're out of the house and found yourself so desperate for paper that you grab a grocery store flyer and start writing on that?

I really need to remember to put a notebook in my purse. I always seem to have lots of pens, but never any paper.


May. 13th, 2011 11:19 pm
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My supernatural fanfic muse finally returned last night, at one in the morning just as I was about to get into bed. I managed to write 700 words before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Should be fairly short fic so I might have it done and posted in a day or two. Now if only my muse would help me with all of my other unfinished fics.

I'm alive

May. 9th, 2011 03:50 pm
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Hello, I'm still here, still alive. Sorry, I kind of disappeared a bit. I have been around reading journals though not really commenting much. Sorry, again. I got rather depressed and when I'm depressed I don't write and then when I don't write for awhile I get out of the habit of writing at all and start wondering why anyone would want to read anything written by me anyway. Hopefully though, I can now start to get back in the habit of writing and commenting.

Fanfic... um... I kind of ran out of inspiration and writing motivation for awhile, and then recently a bunch of my writing muses converted over to artistic muses and are involved in a project which I will share when I don't feel like I'm spamming people. But I feel some of my writing muses might start coming back soon. (Probably right after the season finale of Supernatural) And maybe I can at least finish off some of the couple dozen unfinished fics I have siting around. I hope my muses do come back, because I miss writing.


Oct. 31st, 2010 10:32 pm
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Every year, I plan to do Nanowrimo and then back out at the last minute with the excuse that I have too many half-finished fics that need completing but this year I'm actually going to do it! (Or at least, attempt to) Mostly, this is so I'll actually start working on the sequel to Practically Human and stop being distracted by every errant plot bunny demanding to be written.

So I'm under Daylight Darknight and will hopefully get around to friending (or buddying?) people if I ever stop sneezing. Busy feeling rather crappy at the moment.


Oct. 27th, 2010 01:13 am
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If a room is completely round, would you describe it as having 'walls' or 'a wall'? Because technically it only has one continuous wall instead of four like a normal room, but saying something like 'the room's wall was blue' just sounds weird.

ETA: Mum says 'walls'. I shall use 'walls'.
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