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Apparently, there is going to be an official Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover comic coming out from IDW in May.

See link for pretty picture of the cover --> link

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When I actually remember my dreams, which is not very often, I can get very good fic ideas. Because when I'm not dreaming about weird or stressful collages of what's happening in my real life, my dreams tend to be like watching an episode of one of my favorite TV shows or several mixed together. So last night, I got a great idea for a ST:DS9 fic involving my favorite character, Bashir. I've never written a Star Trek fic even though it's one of my first loves. I guess I've never really been inspired to before. Now, I just have to remove the Picard wearing jeans and breaking beer bottles and exchange the apes for aliens and I'll have a great plot for a fic. However, I don't think my other dream of being attacked by the bright pink rubber gloves I use for cleaning will make a good fic, though it is annoyingly symbolic of certain things going on in my life. But I'll have to put the idea for the DS9 fic on my list for now. I still really want to finish my SPD stuff first.
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