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These are some of my odder ideas that will most likely never be written so I thought I'd share them.

Tyzonn in mercury form merges with Mack's android body and they become a Mack/Tyzonn hybrid!!! (That'd be interesting to write if I had any idea how a Mack/Tyzonn hybrid would act or why they'd get merged in the first place.)

The Elementals
A team-up between the Silver, Gold, Mercury and Titanium rangers. Extreme clashing of egos as four eccentric loners try to work together. Possible bonus appearance by the Phantom Ranger. (I'd have to go and watch Lightspeed Rescue if I wanted to write this)

The Adventures of Rocky and Zhane
Rocky and Zhane bet each other that they can find out the identities of the current ranger team. It becomes a yearly tradition from PRLR to PROO as they go from town to town causing havoc and pissing rangers off as they discover their identities. (I'm really tempted to write this one as I have a great idea for what happens when they get to PROO)
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So the latest plot bunny munching on my arm is another giant epic multi-ranger fic which I have absolutely no time to write if I ever want to finish my first one. But I'm almost tempted to just write the first chapter and post it to tease people and then say I'm not going to write anymore of it.

The other plot bunnies hopping around in my head recently have to do with expanding on the PROO episodes Once a Ranger and Things Not Said because they just beg to have more written about them.
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So this was supposed to be the weekend where I was very productive and wrote lots of fic, but I was sick so instead it became a Power Ranger watching marathon. I have finally watched all of Mystic Force (except for Heir Apparent. Of all the episodes, that just had to be the one not on YouTube at the moment) and I definitely loved it. Wonderful story lines, though I would have liked to get to know the main ranger characters better. (Okay, I always want to get to know the characters better). And I watched all of Operation Overdrive up to the most recent episode. Though I've become fond of the characters after watching twenty episodes of them, (And I love Tyzonn. He's a mysterious alien with an angsty past. Of course, I love him) But the series seems a bit bland compared with the last ones. Not bad, just nothing very special about it.

Anyway, next time I'm sick, maybe I'll finally watch Ninja Storm!

PS: Last chapter of What Would You Do will most likely be up tomorrow.
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