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Alternatively this could be considered a short standalone drabble if I never actually get round to finishing the fic.

"We're back." Giving the air a careful sniff, RJ nodded and smiled. "It's so nice to come home to a kitchen that's not on fire."

"That only happened once," protested Fran as she dashed through leaving a new order before heading back into the restaurant.

"Actually..." Theo admitted placing another pizza in the oven. "It was twice."

"Three times if you count the flambe pizza experiment," added Dom.

"Which you have all wisely vowed never to try again."

The problem is now I feel I should write a new fic entitled 'The Flambe Pizza Experiment'.
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Tigers Fall, Lions Rise intrigued me and pulled me back into Power Rangers.

The Spirit of Kindness disappointed me and pulled me back into writing Power Rangers fanfiction.

This is why, though I spend much time waltzing through other fandoms, I always end up back at Power Rangers. It gives just enough to make me want more and then never gives me more. This always leaves me with an unfortunate amount of plot bunnies that I will most likely never finish.

Beware Plot Bunnies Ahead!! )

So far the one most likely to be done is Talk to Me since I've already written over 2000 words of it. Next likely being Fallen Tigers because I really want to write that one. The others are merely vague ideas at the moment.
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