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Why is it when I really want to write, when I have multiple plot bunnies jumping in my brain and inspiration dribbling out my ears, do I always end up ridiculously busy with other stuff? Oh, and now also sick. Blah.

Titles of things I'm trying to get written:

With These Bloodstained Hands
Dean's Dream (title likely to change)
The Adventures of Super Pokey
The Other Side of the Wall
Ashes and Hellfire
Of Men, Monsters, and Angels
Weathering the Storm
Sandcastles on Mars
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Half-formed Supernatural plot bunnies:

1. Trains. Why haven't there been any stories about Sam and Dean on a train? Sam and Dean and the haunted train. Sam and Dean riding on a freight train like hobos.

2. The Care and Feeding of Angels. One title, so many possibilities. There was a Lord of the Rings fic called The Care and Feeding of Hobbits by someone I can't remember. It was very good.

3. Someone should write a story called Angels Don't Eat Bananas. I don't know what it would be about, but it would be good.
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Silly person. You thought the latest episode of Supernatural would inspire you to finally finish off all those unfinished fanfic. But of course, new episodes just bring new plot bunnies.

Well, at least, I'm writing.
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I adore Criminal Minds/Supernatural crossovers, but I'm too scared to write one because I don't know how I'd actually manage the whole profiling aspect of it. So this is the plot of a Criminal Minds/Supernatural crossover I'd write if I was actually brave enough to write it.

Criminal Minds/Supernatural Plot Bunny )
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Dean acquires a pet rock and insists on taking it everywhere with him. Sam is unsurprisingly very confused.

(I may have admittedly been slightly feverish when I came up with this idea.)
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Latest fanvid plot bunny:

A vid of Sam facing the monster inside of him.... the song The Monster in the Mirror as sung by Grover on Sesame Street.

If your mirror has a monster in it, do not shout
This kind of situation does not call for freaking out
And do nothing that you would not like to see him do
'Cause that monster in the mirror he just might be you
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Rewatched Exile on Main Street and got a couple more plot bunnies and I'm posting them here in case anyone else wants them since I'm not sure whether or not I'll get around to them.

Warning Plot Bunnies! (Oh and spoilers for Supernatural 6x01) )
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You'd think after writing Supernatural fic for over a year now, I'd be running out of ideas.

Instead of the two short things I wanted to write before starting on a sequel to Practically Human, I seem to be writing a 5 things fic which is apparently going to be 1 thing short.

But the real question is can I write something which switches from Christianity to new age belief to science all in a few paragraphs or is that mixing things up a bit too much?
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Alternatively this could be considered a short standalone drabble if I never actually get round to finishing the fic.

"We're back." Giving the air a careful sniff, RJ nodded and smiled. "It's so nice to come home to a kitchen that's not on fire."

"That only happened once," protested Fran as she dashed through leaving a new order before heading back into the restaurant.

"Actually..." Theo admitted placing another pizza in the oven. "It was twice."

"Three times if you count the flambe pizza experiment," added Dom.

"Which you have all wisely vowed never to try again."

The problem is now I feel I should write a new fic entitled 'The Flambe Pizza Experiment'.
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Tigers Fall, Lions Rise intrigued me and pulled me back into Power Rangers.

The Spirit of Kindness disappointed me and pulled me back into writing Power Rangers fanfiction.

This is why, though I spend much time waltzing through other fandoms, I always end up back at Power Rangers. It gives just enough to make me want more and then never gives me more. This always leaves me with an unfortunate amount of plot bunnies that I will most likely never finish.

Beware Plot Bunnies Ahead!! )

So far the one most likely to be done is Talk to Me since I've already written over 2000 words of it. Next likely being Fallen Tigers because I really want to write that one. The others are merely vague ideas at the moment.
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So, I had a power rangers dream last night... er... day (sorry I'm still on night shift and everything is upside down) and while I was dreaming I thought 'This would make a great fanfic. Why didn't I think of this?' Well since I'm pretty sure I own the copyright to all my dreams I'm going to add this to the list of fanfics I really must write.


Betrayal and Forgiveness
Forgiveness isn't always easy. What if instead of forgiveness Tommy chose revenge? In the wake of the Countdown to Destruction, Tommy Oliver gathers up the original Turbo Rangers and sets his sights on the former Princess of Evil with the intention of not letting any person, or ranger, stand in his way. But he's not the only one after Karone. Something lurks in the depth of the now dormant Dark Fortress happily plotting its revenge and planning to use Karone's brother to accomplish it.
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These are some of my odder ideas that will most likely never be written so I thought I'd share them.

Tyzonn in mercury form merges with Mack's android body and they become a Mack/Tyzonn hybrid!!! (That'd be interesting to write if I had any idea how a Mack/Tyzonn hybrid would act or why they'd get merged in the first place.)

The Elementals
A team-up between the Silver, Gold, Mercury and Titanium rangers. Extreme clashing of egos as four eccentric loners try to work together. Possible bonus appearance by the Phantom Ranger. (I'd have to go and watch Lightspeed Rescue if I wanted to write this)

The Adventures of Rocky and Zhane
Rocky and Zhane bet each other that they can find out the identities of the current ranger team. It becomes a yearly tradition from PRLR to PROO as they go from town to town causing havoc and pissing rangers off as they discover their identities. (I'm really tempted to write this one as I have a great idea for what happens when they get to PROO)
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So the latest plot bunny munching on my arm is another giant epic multi-ranger fic which I have absolutely no time to write if I ever want to finish my first one. But I'm almost tempted to just write the first chapter and post it to tease people and then say I'm not going to write anymore of it.

The other plot bunnies hopping around in my head recently have to do with expanding on the PROO episodes Once a Ranger and Things Not Said because they just beg to have more written about them.
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I just wrote a 16 chapter outline for a fic detailing Z and Jack's past plus the outline for a story about the friendship between Bridge and Syd.  And I haven't even glanced at the over 50 chapter outline for my big Once A Ranger fic in months not to mention all it's prequels, sequels etc!!

Would someone please shoot these plot bunnies!
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When I actually remember my dreams, which is not very often, I can get very good fic ideas. Because when I'm not dreaming about weird or stressful collages of what's happening in my real life, my dreams tend to be like watching an episode of one of my favorite TV shows or several mixed together. So last night, I got a great idea for a ST:DS9 fic involving my favorite character, Bashir. I've never written a Star Trek fic even though it's one of my first loves. I guess I've never really been inspired to before. Now, I just have to remove the Picard wearing jeans and breaking beer bottles and exchange the apes for aliens and I'll have a great plot for a fic. However, I don't think my other dream of being attacked by the bright pink rubber gloves I use for cleaning will make a good fic, though it is annoyingly symbolic of certain things going on in my life. But I'll have to put the idea for the DS9 fic on my list for now. I still really want to finish my SPD stuff first.
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