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1) I've been staying at my brother's place while cat sitting. The first night I woke up to find a cat on the bed. The second night I woke up to find two cats on the bed. The third night I woke up to find three cats on the bed. If I wake up on the fourth night and find four cats, I'll be very concerned since my brother and his girlfriend only actually have three cats.

2) There are biodegradable urns which can turn you into a tree after you die. I have no intention of dying anytime soon, but that's what I want when I do.

3) I've gone through all the prompts for [community profile] gen_battle and made a list of all the ones I'd like to write. I have 18. This may take some time.

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So my Yuletide fic is done and submitted this morning thank goodness. I was a bit worried there for a bit and spent way too much time stressing out about it. I was sick a good portion of last week so I wasn't able to do much and got behind on everything. Not sure if the fic is my best work and I'm a little nervous about the subject matter, but it was fun to write. The fic is also almost 4000 words long. What happened to the days when I only wrote short stuff? Now everything I write wants to be long. Looking at the other Yuletide prompts and I'd love to write some treats but doubt I'll have the energy to write anything in time.

Snow! We have snow. It snowed all yesterday while I was at work and then when I was coming home it was all melting so I walked home through lakes and rivers of melted snow in hiking boots which were completely filled with water before I was even a quarter of the way home.

Also, it's possible I'm being haunted by pig sock puppets. I had two random occurrences of pig sock puppets two days in a row and I'm waiting for a third to see if it's true.
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The good thing about breaking the cold water handle for the kitchen tap: the plumber my landlord uses is an incredibly friendly and incredibly hilarious guy who does a great job and talks non-stop while doing it.

Also, the hot water handle which has for a long time been leaking finally got fixed.
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My DW journal finally has a master fanfic list on it, only about two years after I put one on my LJ journal. While doing this, I also realized I hadn't updated the one on LJ for the past 6 fics (oops) so now that's updated too. All my tags on DW & LJ have been organized slightly and updated, my DW journal style has been tweaked and tidied up, and my DW userpics have been switched around a bit. Now I think I'll go change my LJ journal style for the hundredth time.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating again?
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I've got a willow tree in my bedroom!

Salix Arbusculla )
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I've pretty much given up on actually accomplishing anything this month. I blame it on a stressful November and December from which I am only just recovering. I'm just spending most of my spare time watching through eight and a half seasons of NCIS.

I have, however, finally joined twitter (I don't think that really counts as an accomplishment). I only joined because I was regularly checking the twitter accounts of three different people and decided I might as well just give in and follow them. So, I am under days_of_light, if anyone wants to follow me. I'm not sure I'm actually going to tweet anything, but you can follow me anyway in case I randomly decided to one day. But I would like to follow people on my f-list if you have twitter and welcome any suggestions of interesting people to follow. I'm currently following starandrea, Misha Collins, Mathew Gray Gubler, and someone who posts weird summaries of episodes from an imaginary season 8 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Jan. 8th, 2012 07:41 pm
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If I had more money and a bigger apartment, I'd get three cats and name them Tipsy, Topsy, and Tapestry. They would then of course be called Tip, Top, and Tap.
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Today, I'm actually being brave and friending people. This is long overdue.

Now, I'll go hide under a blanket.
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Since I have 4 less teeth than average, shouldn't the dentist give me a discount on cleanings?
(About 14% if my calculations are correct)

I'm alive

May. 9th, 2011 03:50 pm
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Hello, I'm still here, still alive. Sorry, I kind of disappeared a bit. I have been around reading journals though not really commenting much. Sorry, again. I got rather depressed and when I'm depressed I don't write and then when I don't write for awhile I get out of the habit of writing at all and start wondering why anyone would want to read anything written by me anyway. Hopefully though, I can now start to get back in the habit of writing and commenting.

Fanfic... um... I kind of ran out of inspiration and writing motivation for awhile, and then recently a bunch of my writing muses converted over to artistic muses and are involved in a project which I will share when I don't feel like I'm spamming people. But I feel some of my writing muses might start coming back soon. (Probably right after the season finale of Supernatural) And maybe I can at least finish off some of the couple dozen unfinished fics I have siting around. I hope my muses do come back, because I miss writing.
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I always love it when people mix up rogue and rouge. It's my favourite typo. Nothing like reading about Castiel the rouge angel.

I haven't been writing recently mostly because I suddenly decided to rewatch the entire Kung Fu: The Legend Continues series so I was too busy enjoying all the father and son hugs. (Yes, I ignored all the romance and kung-fu fighting and focused on the hugs)

But I might have a fic up soon or possibly something completely different...
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So I may have killed my computer or possibly just the keyboard. I need to get a new keyboard tomorrow and see if that's the problem. Not the end of the world since even if something major is wrong I have an external hardrive with everything backed-up on it thanks to Dad and this secondhand laptop with a dead battery which I'm using also thanks to Dad and my normal computer may very well end up being fixed thanks to Dad. Still all very annoying and stressful though.
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I've been flying under stormy skies and swinging in the rain. Actually, I really was supposed to be going for a quick walk before the clouds opened up, but there was the park, and the swings...


Apr. 7th, 2010 04:33 pm
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I got flowers! Flowers!!

Flowers sent to my door!

I never get flowers, but today I got flowers!

Flowers from Mum :)
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My wonderful father, who has been changing all his LPs into MP3s, gave me a copy of our old Captain Beaky albums which I've been spending a lot of time listening to. This is my favourite song from that.

My Best Friend
by Jeremy Lloyd

Save for the humming of the bees
And raindrops falling through the trees
The wood was silent as a grave
While shafts of sunlight made a brave attempt to pierce the velvet gloom
As lonely as an empty room

Alone was I but not afraid
The friend I'd been with must have strayed
For though I called no answer came
And so I called and called again
Still no answer came

And so I played a splendid game
In the bracken wet and thick
With my favourite walking stick

And then a voice called out quite near
"Oh there you are old chap, come here."
And sitting there upon a log, was my best friend
Who said "Good dog."

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There was sun today! It's only about the second time I've seen the sun in a month. So I went out to sit in a nearby park for awhile. I really should have brought a book but I just dashed out as soon as I saw it because I was worried it would disappear behind a cloud at any moment (which it did within half an hour) The park is near to an elementary school and while I was sitting admiring the sun, a teacher brought out his class for a walk around the block. As they got closer I noticed the teacher was wearing a cape. Then he started to run. It was quite a wonderful sight, the middle aged man running along the sidewalk with a red cape flying behind him and twenty little children chasing after him.
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I've had a headache and have been feeling sleepy and out of it all afternoon and evening. I blame the movie I went to see early in the afternoon. There's something really disorienting about seeing a movie full of fantastical places in which the last scene is shot in a place which is incredibly familiar. It is even more disorienting when you pop by that place on the way home from the theater for a slice of pizza.

Meanwhile, I think my muses have switched from writing to vid making again. Working on another Doctor Who vid for some reason.
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I've spent the first day of 2010 watching and listening to Doctor Who and learning origami.
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I've now been to three lantern festivals this year and the Winter Solstice one wins hands down. Any festival where you can escape the noisy crowds by going into a secret lantern garden, lying down under a glowing tree and listening to beautiful live meditation music has to win. I did also love the labyrinth of light, participation singing, fire dancing, aerial dancing, Japanese drumming and random acts of violins.


Oct. 24th, 2009 11:24 pm
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Today, I saw the climate action ninja and ate honey goat yogurt.
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