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I just found out today that DW's icon limit for their free accounts went up from 6 to 15 at some point without me noticing. Well, I needed some new icons anyway so I ended up spending most of the day making icons. Most of them are now on DW since I don't have room on LJ because I don't have a paid account there either and I'm still reluctant to get rid of some of my old favorites.

Anyway, here are all the ones I made today. I managed to make twice as many as I have room for and most of them are unsurprisingly from Supernatural.

Shiny New Icons!! )
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"It's really affectionate anarchy. That's what the Muppets are. Affectionate anarchy."
- Frank Oz

ETA: My new icon :)

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A comment from [personal profile] kikos_ai inspired me to make a new userpic. It seemed very appropriate considering how often I seem to be attacked by plotbunnies these days.

So I caved

Jun. 6th, 2006 11:04 pm
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The SPD fic just started writing itself in my head (at a time I didn't even have anywhere to write it down). There was nothing I could do! It's about halfway done. It's a little one shot deal, but I do have an idea for another longer one that is biting at the edges of my mind. Good thing I'm still ahead in my writing of Once a Ranger.

Many thanks to  [personal profile] kikos_ai, [personal profile] itsbuttery, and [profile] pink_thunder17 for putting me on their friend list. Made me realize it was time I stopped lurking around other peoples journals and started putting some friends on my list.

Really wanting to be able to use more userpics, I switched to the sponsored option... for about 2 minutes then realized I already had way too much advertising in my life. I'll get a paid account one day, but not today.
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It's done. It's also very short so it's not surprising it's done already. On to 14 which shouldn't take too long since it's got a detailed outline. Then 15 which is already half written so hopefully they'll go up soon. Then maybe people will start looking at this place. Not that I mind having the whole place to myself. It's fun but lonely and slightly pointless. Oh well, this just gives me time to settle in. Now back to writing.

I just hope I don't get too distracted by the Doctor Who Book and CD that happened to turn up on my doorstep a day early. *jumps up and down* Sorry, still very excited. I love getting packages in the mail.

PS Finally got round to making some userpics. They still need a little work though. What I wouldn't give to have Photoshop.
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