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Just when I was starting to worry I'd grown out of power rangers, I finally managed to finish off this video (which I apparently started February 8, 2008)

Title: I Will Go On
Music: "Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin
Rating: PG for violence and one swear
Characters: Andros plus various friends and enemies
Summary: Andros continuing on through all the universe throws at him.

LINK: YouTube
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Title: Karone's Prayer
Clips: Power Rangers in Space and Lost Galaxy
Music: 'Prayer of St Francis' by Sarah McLachlan

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Title: Love
Clips: Power Rangers (Various Seasons)
Music: 'All You Need is Love' from Across the Universe OST
Description: Ranger love. What kind of love? All kinds.
Dedication: To anyone in need of a hug.

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Title: Come Down to the Sinkhole
Video: Daylight
Clips: Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Music: 'Come Down to the Sinkhole' by Crash Test Dummies
Description: Andros and Karone have chosen a dangerous place to confront their past.

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This is either my third attempt at a fanvid or my excuse to look at rangers in their pajamas.
(BTW I have concluded while making this video that 50% of all red rangers sleep shirtless)

Title: Who Needs Sleep
Clips: Power Rangers (Every series except Lightspeed)
Music: 'Who Needs Sleep' by Barenaked Ladies

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My second attempt at a music video and I'm busy working on two more that should be done soon. This seems to be my new obsession so unfortunately I haven't done much writing recently, but since I've got a week and a half off from work (FREEDOM YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), hopefully I'll be able to get some writing done between the Christmas stuff.

Title: When Death Becomes Your Friend
Clips: Power Rangers in Space
Music: 'The Beginning of the End' by Crash Test Dummies

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