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I always love it when people mix up rogue and rouge. It's my favourite typo. Nothing like reading about Castiel the rouge angel.

I haven't been writing recently mostly because I suddenly decided to rewatch the entire Kung Fu: The Legend Continues series so I was too busy enjoying all the father and son hugs. (Yes, I ignored all the romance and kung-fu fighting and focused on the hugs)

But I might have a fic up soon or possibly something completely different...
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Alternatively this could be considered a short standalone drabble if I never actually get round to finishing the fic.

"We're back." Giving the air a careful sniff, RJ nodded and smiled. "It's so nice to come home to a kitchen that's not on fire."

"That only happened once," protested Fran as she dashed through leaving a new order before heading back into the restaurant.

"Actually..." Theo admitted placing another pizza in the oven. "It was twice."

"Three times if you count the flambe pizza experiment," added Dom.

"Which you have all wisely vowed never to try again."

The problem is now I feel I should write a new fic entitled 'The Flambe Pizza Experiment'.


May. 25th, 2008 11:46 am
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They locked out the games on the computers at work.  :P Just when I was getting close to beating my supervisor's high score at pinball.

Now, I'll have to actually concentrate on more important stuff at work like writing fanfics! :)

PS: If anyone is currently waiting for me to write more PR fics, I'm afraid all my PR muses have temporarily gone on vacation. They were replaced by Robin Hood muses, but before they could finish anything the Robin Hood muses were replaced by Narnian muses. So standby for 'Prince Caspian' fic.  Unless, of course, my muses get replaced once again.


Mar. 7th, 2008 09:47 pm
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Have I ever mentioned how indecisive I am?

It took a long time but somehow I have managed to vote in [profile] pr_heroes. Not in every category unfortunately because I didn't have time to read everything, but everything I did read was amazing! It made me realize I haven't actually been reading that much fanfic recently. (At least that's because I've been doing some writing for once) I'm really behind in reading some of the stories I've been following. I should take some time to read the stuff I missed. In fact, I should take time to track down everything ever written by everyone on my friend-list and read it. Why do you all have to be such good writers?!!
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In honour of its nomination at [info]pr_heroes, I'm finally going to fix the bad formatting on 'Culture Shock'. It's only taken me 7 years.

This is surprising. I never get nominated for these things. Thanks so much to whoever it was. Coincidentally, it's the first time I've ever actually done any nominating. Karma?

Hmmm... weekend. Must write more.

Write or sleep? Write or sleep? Write or sleep?

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I thought I'd give an introduction to the stuff I write. My fanfics, available at courtesy of the little link to the left named obviously My Fanfiction, are currently mainly about Power Rangers with a couple of Transformers, a couple LOTRs and one Escaflowne. I also have a Doctor Who drabble at A Teaspoon And An Open Mind (

I tend to write angst/drama, action/adventure or humour. I love friendships so much more than romances so I don't write any romance or slash fics and any romance in my fics is only put in when it is cannon or when it would simply look silly without it.

What I'm working on now is my giant, epic Power Rangers fic, Once a Ranger, which has somehow spawned ideas for two prequels and three sequels, so it looks like I won't be writing anything but Power Rangers for awhile. But I do have a LOTR fic which needs to be finished and a Transformers fic which should be continued, plus ideas for a big Transformers fic, an Angel/Buffy fic, an Andromeda fic, a couple Hercules fics, a couple Ronin Warrior fics, another Doctor Who fic and a little Star Wars fic. All of which will most likely not see the light of day. (sorry just realized that could be seen as a rather bad pun)

My writing is sporadic so I'm obviously not very good with updates, but one of the reasons I started this journal is because I've been writing again. I've finished the drafts of Chapters 10, 11, and 12 of OAR, but I'm not planning to start posting them until I finish the next 3. That is unless a bunch of people start protesting.

*looks out into empty audience*

I really need to join a community.
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