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Well, since I have a bit more time on my hands, I will now attempt to finish off all of these half finished fics I have lying around.

Title: Brothers Always Know
Characters: Ninja Storm Team
Rating: G
Summary: Blake makes a late night phone call
Brothers Always Know )
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I reiterate: Much, to much power ranger watching.

This is my first attempt at a first person/monologue style fic which was much fun to write. It is also currently my fic with the longest title.

Title: So You Want to Attend a Ranger Reunion
Characters: Various from all seasons
Rating: G
Summary: Taylor tries to convince you otherwise as she describes the most recent reunion.

So You Want to Attend a Ranger Reunion )
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Hey, I finished all the fics I started this week. Now I can work on the ones I started last week. And I'm not copying [personal profile] kikos_ai, by doing a drabble trilogy. I came up with this idea two days ago. GMTA. :) Drabbles work very well in threes.

Title: A Child's Sadness
Characters: Andros, Hunter, Trent
Rating: G
Summary: A trilogy of drabbles about the losses faced by three different generations of rangers.

A Child's Sadness )
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