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Title: Loylaty
Characters: Trent
Rating: PG
Summary: Will Trent make the right decision this time?

Loyalty )
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Hey, I finished all the fics I started this week. Now I can work on the ones I started last week. And I'm not copying [personal profile] kikos_ai, by doing a drabble trilogy. I came up with this idea two days ago. GMTA. :) Drabbles work very well in threes.

Title: A Child's Sadness
Characters: Andros, Hunter, Trent
Rating: G
Summary: A trilogy of drabbles about the losses faced by three different generations of rangers.

A Child's Sadness )
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Writing isn't the problem right now, just actually finishing something is. Ah... three more drabbles will possibly appear later tonight. First PRDT fics and at this rate, not the last.

Titles: For The Man Who Has Everything & Tommy And His Riding Mower
Characters: All the DT rangers
Rating: G

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