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A complete list of pretty much all the fanfiction I've ever written divided by fandom.

Master Fic List
(last updated 11/08/2016)

Legends of Tomorrow )
Warehouse 13 )
Flashpoint )
The Listener )
Avengers )
Supernatural )
BBC's Robin Hood )
Doctor Who )
Narnia )
Power Rangers )
Lord of the Rings )
The Hobbit )
Transformers )

Note: Some of the links for the older stuff go to (and two go to A Teaspoon and an Open Mind), because I don't have everything posted on my journal.
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And now for something completely different. How long ago did I promise to write this? I finished the first part so long ago I was sure I'd posted it already but apparently I didn't. Trying not to post things before I finish them but these chapters can sort of stand alone and today I finished off the drafts of parts 2 and 3 so I thought I might as well post part 1

Title: EMS and SRU
Characters: Wordy, Ed, Toby, Oz, Liv (this chapter)
Rating/Warnings: PG
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Humour
Word Count: 1762 (this chapter)
Spoilers: None
Summary: The SRU deal with paramedics almost every day. They're not supposed to have favorites but there are two who are growing increasingly close to their hearts. Various meetings between Team One and Toby and Oz.

Chapter 1: Wordy )
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Title: Snow, Blood, and Adrenaline
Characters: Sam, Wordy, Spike, Greg, Ed, Lou, Jules
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for injury and blood
Genre: Drama, Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Word Count: 2576
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sam thought the winter weather was the worst thing he would have to deal with that day. He was wrong.

Snow, Blood, and Adrenaline )
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Title: Not Dead Yet
Characters: Sam, Spike, Greg, Ed, Wordy, Jules
Rating/Warnings: G
Genre: Angst, Humor, Friendship, Family
Word Count: 1134
Spoilers: None
Summary: After Sam has a bad night can the rest of the team make his day better?

Not Dead Yet )
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