Jun. 24th, 2016

daylight_darknight: (Earth Sunrise)

This is one of three fics I'm writing which explore what happened to Rip during the season 1 finale when he left the team in 2016 and went off on his own. It was supposed to be one fic but it somehow split into three. The second one covers Rip taking the team's younger selves back home and is pretty much done already so it should be up today or tomorrow. The third one will take a little longer.

Added disclaimer: The song We'll Meet Again was written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles

Title: We'll Meet Again
Characters: Rip, Rip's Mother
Rating/Warnings: G
Genre: Angst, Family, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene
Word Count: 3500
Spoilers: Set during season 1 finale
Summary: Sometimes what we really need is our mother.

We'll Meet Again )
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